The People & More

This is a list of socialist, anti-American, and/or anti-Christian operatives I've had experiences with throughout my life and some of the most important quotes they've made.  It probably won't mean much to you if you're new to this blog.  Instead, visit the About Me page for a summary of my situation and read my post, Anti-Christian, Anti-American, Socialist Brainwashing to learn more.

Miyako Abe
Tall Amy, Columbus
Paola B.
Heather Bise
Ray Blackman, Tangent Art SF
Alex Brooks, Russian Manager of Social Projects
Barton Bund
John Cannon
Wayne Cardarelli
Victor Carrion 
Larry Chan
Mary Ann Cincotta
CJ (friend of Tricario)
Barbara Clerici
Jessica Cole, Office of Citizen Complaints, SF
Coleman Professional Services
Anje Collins
Brooke Cooley, AKA, The Soup Slut
Carla Courtney
Charlie Crites
Cross-eyed Chuck
Eric Cuellar
Dr. Daulton, DDS
Tracy Dietz
Alexandria Dirks 
Bill Doggett
"Don", Asia Society 
Donna from Skokie (Dec., '09 phone #: 574-551-9360) 
Marty Eggert
Christine Faranda
Angelique Faul
Richard Fleming
Frankie in the Blue Vanagon, Lic: 2HHCO97
Meagan Franz
Erica Agyeman Garber
Sasha Goldenson 
Julie Gregory, Columbus, Ohio
Marc Greece
Cynthia Green 
John H. Griffin, Recology
Kristy Guertin
Jill Gustafson
Jeremy Haddle
Lisa Hall
Ed Havaich
Kathy Haxton
Steven Heitman
Peter Heldman
Michael Hogan's army roommate
Connie Kashay
Kathleen Kashay
Teresa Keller
James Kielczynski
Suzanne Kirk 
Paul Kudary
Beth Kujawski
Terry Kuntz
Henrietta Larson
Levon from Chicago
Lorraine Lewis
Linda, 41 Jones St.
Gene Locastro
Sioux Logan 
Nathanael Lowe, Genentech
Steve Ludvickson
Jeffrey Luggert
A.T. Lynne
Reneisha Manuel
Bruno Marchesani
Michelle Marlowe
Kayla Marriott
Matt, BW3 Manager, '93/'94
Pat McCleary
Kaitlin McGaw
Mike & Jen from Greenpoint
Markia Miller
Jesse Mills 
Rick Myers, Columbus
Lisa Nicolosi
Sula Page
Alan Passalaqua
Kate Perez 
An Pham
Carrie Plank (Bruno)
Rev. David Plank
David "Financial" Powers
Heather Reese
Laura McCormick Remaley
Jerry Rogers (Hawaiian guy who liked shouting at me)
Carol Ruffing
Norah Salah
Andrei Salvat, PsyD
Susanne Sarley 
Dianna Semrau
Kimberly Sikora
Len Spector, BJ Alan Fireworks
Anya Stepnova
Michelle Dunn Svenson Stergar
Justin Teixeira
Ann Telthorst
Julie M. Tran
Mike Tricario
Ezekial Tyrus
Caitlin Van Arsdale
Larry Vaughn
Alison Victor
Natasha Warder
Brian Weart
Dr. Weitzel's Secretary
Christa Williams
Rick Wilson
Ann Wilson
Greg Wytaske (or someone impersonating him)
Joey Zoccali
Christine Zona
Joanna Zito


A Guy in a Bar
     "On, come on, you know she's a bitch." 

Armored Truck Driver Facing Camera in Green Uniform in This Video:
     "You're going to prison."  

Louis Auchincloss
     "Before I left the practice of law, I prepared many wills for rich testators, and I encountered the common fear that their progeny would be the victims of fortune hunters. They had hazy ideas of what a fortune hunter was, but they were apt to think of him, in the case of males, as a smooth greasy man of sinister good looks and a phony title. They rarely recognized him as the blue-eyed, blond-haired, athletic, all-American boy next door. They were not often aware, either, that most marriages the world over have been arranged, and many of them happily so. Or that there is very little one can do to protect one's loved ones from their own infatuations.

"That a marriage purely mercenary on one side is not apt to be happy in this country, I grant, though I can think of some striking exceptions. But where money is only a part of the attraction, guaranteeing the continuance, as a bride or groom may see it, of the comfortable existence both families have accustomed the affianced couple to, it may be harmless enough. Yet many heiresses are haunted by the fear of being married for their money, a fate which befalls many who never know it. For we are all packets of motives and never aware of the sum total of the reasons for our doing anything."

--An excerpt from "A Voice From Old New York: A Memoir Of My Youth" 
Paola B.
    "You must complete the process."  
    "During the cold war, the Soviets' missiles were all rusty."
    "You have no rights." (In the video) 

Black Operative at Salvation Army Gym
     "Sometimes things malfunction." 

Black Operative in Columbus
     "Loner, huh?" etc.  ('04 - '06, while fishing in northeast Columbus)

Black Operative on Street
    "All I do all day is meet with 50-year-old white guys and tell them what to do." 

Blick Cashier (reading slowly from his computer screen)
     "Looks like dentists' tools." 

Napoleon Bonaparte    
     "Except my mother, nothing and no one could impose the slightest restraint on me." 

John T. Cacioppo
      My complete notes on Cacciopo's book, "Loneliness" can be found here: 
Here are a few selected passages that are particularly noteworthy:

     "When loneliness is protracted...we may become less able to evaluate other people’s intentions, which can make us socially awkward, but can also make us vulnerable to manipulation by anyone trying to conceal ulterior motives." (pg. 16)

     "At times, social science research may seem like one of those reality shows with a hidden camera that traps unwary people in ridiculous, almost sadistic, situations."  (pg. 39)

      "But when the desire to affiliate becomes thwarted, prolonged feelings of social disconnection turn the positive impulses toward the negative." (pg. 44) 

     "We humans simply have more difficulty overcoming these impulses when we feel isolated than when we feel connected." (Pg. 48) 

     "The expression of these genes is dependent on environmental circumstances, whether real or merely perceived. " (pg. 65)

     "Loss of executive control leads to lack of persistence, and frustration leads to what the psychologist Martin Seligman has termed “learned helplessness.” (pg. 83) (How's that workin' out?)  

     "Leaving participants in an unpleasant and unhealthful state over time would be exceedingly unethical, so we could not induce persistent feelings of social isolation through manipulation." (Pg. 89) 

     "If the self-defeating symptoms of loneliness can be externally induced by hypnotic manipulation of memories and feelings, and if they can change over time as a result of real—but also perceived—changes in one’s social environment…" (Pg. 91) 

      "[People feeling lonely] are more likely to cope passively, which means enduring without attempting to change the situation.  This pattern of “grin and bear it” (while boiling inside) carries its own specific costs."  (pg. 103)  

     "One clearly demonstrable consequence of social alienation and isolation for physiological resilience and recovery occurs in the context of the quintessential restorative behavior—sleep.  Sleep deprivation, we know, has effect on metabolic, neural, and hormonal regulation that mimic those of aging...Even though the lonely got the same quantity of sleep as the non-lonely, their quality of sleep was greatly diminished. " (Pg. 107-108)

         "There was no obvious communication, but somehow each knew her role and carried it out in support of the larger mission, which was to isolate one of the weaker, slower buffalo, run it down, and kill it." (pg. 119)     

     "For social behavior, the warmth of connection is the carrot; the pain of feeling isolated, also known as loneliness, is the stick." (pg. 120)       

     "[Some Romanians who had little intimacy as children] found employment in the secret police, where their inability to care about others served the government’s purposes.  Others simply wandered the streets homeless." (pg. 131) 

     "A picture of a sad clown, in other words, produces more activity in the brain, and in more different brain regions, than does a picture of a gloomy forest."  (pg. 158) 

     "The brain regions that Decety and his colleagues have shown to be involved in distinguishing between self-produced actions and those generated by others are the medial prefrontal cortex, the termporoparietal junction, and the dorsal anterior cingulate."  (pg. 167)

     "Part of the process of maturing into adulthood is gaining control over our unbridled emotions and impulses.  Loneliness diminishes that control, then causes more trouble as it engenders other negative emotions such as hostility and anxiety."   (pg. 169)

      "When we are lonely, we are more likely to adopt the consensus opinion, we mimic others more intensely, and we are less likely to exhibit persistence." (pg. 183)  (Once again, how's that workin' out?)

     "To exercise subtle discrimination among one’s own desires and goals, the pull of emotions, and the pressure of outside influences requires exemplary executive control—precisely the kind of self-regulation that the feeling of isolation impairs." (pg. 184) 

     "In addition to the impulse to know what others are doing, we all have the impulse, in varying degrees, to impose our will on what others are allowed to do."  (Pg. 195)  (??!!!)  

     "We have seen that feelings of isolation can cause declines in executive control and self-regulation that lead to impulsive and selfish behavior." (pg. 216) 

     "You may want to begin your experiment by reaching out in simple exchanges at the grocery store or at the library."  (Pg. 237)

      "But the friends, associates, neighbors, and opponents we confront today—unless we anticipate a life lived constantly on the lam—are more or less the same friends, associates, neighbors, and opponents we will confront tomorrow, and the day after that." (pg. 267) 

John Cannon at EDD/EU
     "Yeah...we don't need any more Johns." 

Wayne Cardarelli
     "Stay out of the power doors, John!"  
     "It's all locked up."
     "Basement guy, eh, John?"
     Paul Kudary: "Why him?!"  Wayne: "He's got a mind like a steel trap." 

Wayne Cardarelli's bald, white partner at Severstal
     "Sometimes, you're guilty until proven innocent." 

Chicago 7
     Something about "turning the children of the ruling class into the Viet Cong." 

Chinese Laundry Woman at Ellis & Franklin
     "Good dog!"

Barbara Ann Wolf Clerici
     "You're an experiment." 

Jonathan Cott
     "[Jackie] was rigorous about correcting usage."

Charlie Crites
     "Only the umpires know all the rules." 

Cross-eyed Chuck, Associate of Len Spector
     "You're gonna pay for what you did."  (maniacal half-whisper) 

"Don" at 24-Hour Fitness 
     "Tell me about your diet." (When I was grossly underweight.)
     "We're like clockwork."

Pony Duke
     Here are some of my notes from Pony Duke's book about his cousin Doris Duke, Too Rich:

     Tons of gold in English and Swiss accounts
     Nanaline poisoned Buck Duke.
     Jimmy Cromwell wrote, "In Defense of Capitalism," wanted to control population through sterilization.
     Doris was in CIA pre-cursor, OSS at end of WWII, code-name, Daisy Duke.
     Doris owned much of Texaco and had interests in aluminum.
     Doris had relationship with Louis Bromfield, Pulitzer Prize-winning author from Mansfield, Ohio.  Spent much time at Malabar Farms in Mansfield with other big celebrities.
     Management of Buck's legacy went to Mary Semens, the second richest Duke.
     "[Doris] made a lifetime effort to cultivate Jackie", wanted to be part of JFK White House.
     "When I didn't write checks, the Democrats didn't want me." --Doris Duke
     Ari admired Doris's art & antiques, felt her instincts were superior to Jackie's.
     The gold stashed by Buck was measured in tons.  Only Doris knew the amount.
     Chandi Hefner started drugging Doris first.
     Walker Inman was co-executor until Lafferty talked Doris out of it.
     "If Doris died without an heir, the money would come under complete control of a group of North Carolinians with the closest of ties to Duke University.  Doris: "I wish there were a way that they would never get a dime."
     Doris explored a Yoga self-realization society and was interested in reincarnation.
     The CIA drugged Rubirosa to get him to sign a pre-nup.
     "The strong Duke constitution enabled Doris to questions what was going on [while while her doctors were killing her with morphine.]"
     Kivovitz and other doctors toasted champagne during morphine visits.
     Doris was cremated less than two hours after death.
     Doris's doctors and attorneys were recommended by Liz Taylor.
     Bernard Lafferty formerly worked for Taylor.
     Doyle from Chicago guided Doris's hand for "signature."

Marty Eggert, Nuclear Medicine Technician
     "Oh, yeah?!  Why you leavin' the state?!"

Christine Faranda
     "Oooo, I wanna breed with you." (at first in-person meeting)
     "These knives are very sharp." (x3)
     "I like to hold 'em close while I turn the knife."
     Something about her being a succubus (One tends not to take such comments seriously)
     ", he's got a grapefruit tree in the backyard and a Hummer in the front, eh?"

Angelique Faul (pronounced AHHHHN-ge-leek)
     "What are you gonna do about it?" 

Female Operative #1
     "And my blood pressure goes up!" (on her cel phone, precisely while passing me on the sidewalk)

Female Operative #2
    "And I'm always nervous." (on cel phone while seated near me in coffee shop) 

Female Operative #3
     Acted like she was having a heart attack at the table next to me before she and her friend looked at me and laughed and left.  Both Academy of Art students.

Mike Freeman (from Undefeated: Inside the 1972 Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season)
     "...psychos and dickheads..." (direct quote from my Facebook page or one of my blogs)
     "Be calm in front of the microphones."
     "I was putting my foot in ice and getting gloomy." 
     "...every daydream in explicit detail."
     "...experiential knowledge"
     "Shula had embedded into their genome after the Dallas loss..."
     "But it worked.  It always worked."
     "I quietly stalked the 1972 Dolphins for many years."
     Pointless mention of bombings in Miami
     "...destroying Washington." 

Scott Gauthreaux
     "Damn, John!  That black girl over there is really checkin' you out!
     "I can still shoot the lights out, Zoc." (He was never that good.) 

Guy in This Video
     "Life is cheap...You'll eat that laugh." 

Guy with Russian Accent Leaving San Francisco with My Flier
     "I was born in socialism; I don't want any more."  

Jeremy Haddle, Coleman Professional Services
     "I'm not the doctor.  The doctor will be in later." (No doctor came in later.) 

Lisa Hall
     "It's for an assignment."
     "He's trying to kill you." 

Peter Heldman
     "You know, John, Scientology has mind-control software they can put on your computer."
     Something about creating a "direct path to a person's subconscious." 

Jennifer Falls Angry Lesbian
     "Have a nice life."  (U.T Cyberball Experimenter: "Have a nice life.")

Bob Johnson
     Something about letting women take over, mainly because it's easy for them to get business loans from the government.  (About '05.  One of the first odd, unprompted comments that made me think, "Hmm...this is very strange.")
     "I'm a sales weasel.  "I've got a rola-dex that can choke a donkey."
     Loved my T-shirt idea.  Offered me a sales job.
     (I don't think Bob is directly involved in all this, but the comment is noteworthy and, apparently, at least tangentially connected.)

Jogger in SF
     "I'm gonna shove my morals up your ass."

     "Havin' a hard time tellin' what's real?"

Connie Kashay
     "Have you met anyone interesting at Borders?" (Referring to Len Spector & friends)
     "No one's going to help you, John." (unprompted) 

Kathleen Kashay
     Made it a point to tell me she's a big Sean Penn fan
     Proud of her trip to Ireland
     "You shouldn't have children, John.  It's unhealthy for a man your age (about 35) to father children." (unprompted)
     "You know, it's real easy to have someone killed, John.  You can have it done for a couple grand."  Me: "Oh.  Why do you bring it up?"  Kathleen: "You just remember that.  Dirk and I have a friend who will do it." (unprompted)
     "I think he looks like Maud."  Connie: "Which One?...No, he's the spitting image of his grandmother."
     "It's for your own good, John." (Unprompted, as she warmly caressed her new copy of The Audacity of Hope.)
     "You're allergic to dairy, John.  That's what's causing your headaches and keeping you from sleeping.  I'm allergic to dairy and so are you."  (She wouldn't let this go, no matter how much I disagreed with her.  If there is anything I've ever been addicted to, it is dairy products.  Positively love 'em.  Still do.)
     "There's no such thing as a coincidence, John" (unprompted)
     Suggested I read "Jude the Obscure."
     Suggested I read "The Ugly American"
     Suggested I read "Crime & Punishment"
     "Pittsburgh's my town." 
     Predicted a pandemic
     "You're a problem eater, John.  That's what some people are born to do--listen to other people's problems."  (Guess again.)
     Me: "I started wondering about you when I was 29."  Her: "Yeah--that's about when they usually come back." (very cryptically, melodramatically)

Paul Kudary, OSS, Warren, Ohio
     "It's a group effort." 
     "We're gonna humble him."  (To me, cryptically)
     "You know this job is part of Homeland Security, right?"

Beth Kujawski
     "The internet is a powerful tool."

Levon from Chicago
     Something about "helping me grow." 

     (Linda is a short, fat Asian woman who lives in my building where she very obviously doesn't fit and who I suspected previously upon seeing her repeatedly at the library.)
     "How old are you, 24?"
     "Mmm...the internet can be temping."
     "The font on your flier is so small.  What is it, 3-point?"
     "Yeah--powerful organizations can do those things."
     "Maybe, you should just play along." *******************************************
     "This building is worth $10 million." (As if I might care.)
     Something about being mean

Gene Locastro, Comic Book Collector
     "Ever go to the movies by yourself?  There's nothing wrong with that.  I do it all the time." 
     "Yeah, man, height doesn't bother me.  You're tall, I'm short.  So, what?"

Steve Ludvickson
     "Better be liberal." 

     "I'm laid off from the Sheriff's Dept."     
     "I love my daughter."
     "It works."  (Half-whispered to himself, partly astonished, partly very happy.)

Pat McCleary, OSS, Warren, Ohio
     "Now ya did it." (Closely following my attempt to contact the ACLU)
     "You're gonna suffer right along with him." (Referring to someone who took part in secret continual attempts to kill me.) 

Gita Mehta
     "[Jackie was] and extraordinary, nineteenth-century sort of editor."

Markia Miller
     "'re tall!"
     "'re a sleeper.  You must have done something wrong"  

Jesse Mills
     "You're totally insane."  Me: "No, that's not true at all."  Jesse: "Yes it is.  How would you know?  You have no outside frame of reference."   (Now how would he know such a thing?) (Sasquatch with a Swatch watch) 

Rick Nelder
     "You look confused."  

New P.A. at FNC
     "Hmm, you have a lot on your plate." 

New York Woman
     "Why don't you get married like normal people."  

PAES Group Counselor (of middle-eastern descent)
     "So, you're stuck then."
     "Do you feel like no one's listening to you?"  (Directly and specifically to me for no apparent reason.)

 Peet's Cashier
     "I had to scold you."

William Patrick, "Loneliness" Co-Author, in his first novel, "Spirals" 

     Kathleen 1976, Title of Part 2 (pg. 117)
     “I’m hoping to…trace the genetic basis for some of the behavior Kathleen’s going to be watching” (pg. 132)   
     "Early embryogenesis.  Took a year with Gurdon at Cambridge…control of gene expression…then back to Oxford with Edwards and Steptoe." (pg. 144)
     “So what’s your hypothesis about the infanticide?  Population control?  Malthusian monkeys? (pg. 150)
      Sexual politics" (pg. 150) 
     “[Kathy]’s out for blood!” Stasson gasped.  “The girl has no mercy in her.” (pg. 162)
     Alpha monkeys’ names: Gable and Bogart  (pg. 165)
     "Bates sat back and stroked the underside of his chin with a delicate forefinger.  “You may be wrong there, Bayard.  I simply think your colleagues are being secretive.  In the past weeks, we’ve learned of two more corporations being formed.  Fredericks is behind one of them, Monoclonal antibodies.  And Rosen—he’s forming a company with Shields from MIT."  (pg. 233) 
     "Genentech’s stock had just soared from $35 to $89 on the first day of trading." (pg. 238)
     "Her surgery was irreversible, a barrier erected to keep him out and to enrage him with frustration. (pg. 249)   
     “You get people under a lot of stress and they do strange things.” – the cop (pg. 263) 
     "She looked forward to sunny days and beaches and swan boats in the park, to helping shape a young and eager mind.  She knew she would be a good mother.  All it took was love—she knew she had that—and time; and for once she could think of nothing better to do with the rest of her life than care for her baby boy.  Yes, it would be a boy.  She knew that too.  A baby boy who would grow tall and lean, who would have penetrating green eyes and brown hair growing in an unruly curl behind his ears.  He would have an openness to life, and a wild curiosity.  She would play with him, and love him, and teach him about the world—and probably about science.  She would name him Peter. (pg. 286; Last page, Last paragraph)  

David Plank
     Annette Plank: "Did you tell him?!"  David Plank, flabbergasted after shaking head: "I want it."
     "Have you ever wondered about your biological parents?"..... "He has no idea."
     "You know, John, I have some friends in the CIA.  How would you like to work for them?"  Me:  "No.  No, thanks."  David: "Oh, but you're perfect for it."
     "Pay your taxes, John, or the IRS will stalk you and harass you.  It's very unpleasant."

Laura McCormick Remaley
     "Either you're with us or you're against us."
     "I have friends all over the country."
     "It's called neuro-plasticity." 

Ruffing, Manuel, Lewis, or Greenfield
     Something about my needing to be "reined in."   

SF Street Op
     Something about being "in 'the program'"  (I later stumbled on a book called "The Program" about a guy who goes undercover in a mind-control cult.  Coincidence?)

SF Street Op #2
     "You know, a trust accrues interest over the course of generations."  

Some Guy on Street in SF
     "They're training you."  

Some guy on Street in SF #2
     "If you want to work that job, you gotta live it."  (???  I have no idea what job he was referring to.  I never expressed interest in working any such job, I'm not currently interested in working any such job, and I never will work any such job.)

"Some Woman" in "Sex Chat"
     Her: "Let's role play.  My fantasy is to be chopped up with knives."  Me: "Huh?!"  Her: "That's my fantasy.  I want you to chop me up with knives." 

Short, Fat Len Spector
     "How many friends do you have?  None?"
     "You know, for many people, their life is so bad, they wish they were dead."
     "Most people would be afraid to go outside." 
     "You'll need some slight of hand."  (???  ...completely unprompted)
     "We can talk at my place.  It's sound-proof."  (A good place to kill someone?)
     "You should read The Fountainhead." 
     "That's what women do--ruin men."

Alex, Michigan Fan, friend of Len Spector
     "When do you feel safe?" (Last line of Event Horizon: "We're safe.")
     Suggested I read a book about Edward Gein
     "Maybe, you're just being tested." 
     "Nothing lasts forever."

Len Spector's Obese Lady Friend
     "You should start a diary." 

Starbucks Cashier, Niles, Ohio
     "What's up?  Chillin' like a villain?" 
     "Yeah--we can read your mind, too."

TEFL Classmate
     Something about "behavior management"  

This Guy
     "Why don't you kill yourself?" (parting shot while walking away) 

This Woman
     "It's like a Chess game." 

Those Still Attempting to Entrap Me for Pedophilia Have Not Asked Themselves:
     "Hmm...I wonder why this isn't working?"  

Three Different Ops Who Looked Like They Were Part of Some High-Level Gov Agency
     "Good luck finding a job." 

Three Guys I Met in a Bar in New York
     "We're very social."
     "My friends and I will talk you into it."  

Three Kids in Elkhart, Indiana
     "He looks confused."  

Three Women From Columbus (after drugging me)
     Something about being unhappy with the country and government
     "Do you want to part of the revolution?  It's a revolution of the mind"
     Something about making life so bad for so many people as to incite a violent uprising
     "It's gonna get really bad."

Two Separate Operatives
     "Why don't you die??!" 

Turk & Gough Building Janitor
     "You've been in training all your life."
     "We call 'em like we se 'em."

     "I'm paying you to be homeless." (Paying??) 

Unknown Street Operative
    "That's one thing about socialist countries--justice is swift."

Dr. Weitzel's Secretary
     "What's the matter?  Feel like someone's messin' with your mind? 

     "Yeah--I bet they can stop you from doing a lot of things."

Officer Ann Marie Wilson
     "What's the matter?  Waiting for your boyfriend?" (when I called to tell her I would be late for breakfast the day of my graduation from OSU)
     "I could crush you." 

Officer Rick Wilson
     "Get married, John, or the CIA will make you a mind-controlled slave."
     "I think he's CIA.  You can be in the CIA and not know it."
     "I don't know, Joe; I guess he's immune to it."
     "After a while, they start believing it."
     "The power of suggestion..."
     "No one will ever believe him." *****
     "You don't pick them.  They pick you."
     Rick: "We're takin' over."  Joey: "Who?  Cops?"  Rick: "Military."  (Many who've stalked and harassed me have military backgrounds, including one who insinuated that I'm an enemy of the state.  How's that workin' out?)
     "You'll serve your country." (to me, unprompted)
     "You know, John, when a bullet flies, it doesn't always stay on a level path.  It keeps going roughly straight, but it might rise up or down depending on wind."  (Totally unprompted)
     "[Have you] ever read 1984?"
     "Sacrifice the one for the many."
     "You have to pick a side." 
     "We don't lose one of our own."  

Woman (black) in Starbucks SF
     "Geeze, you didn't even notice that bag?"  (Someone had left their backpack at a table directly in front of me.  I noticed it.  Not sure why she made the comment.  It's not my job to notice unattended bags.  I don't have a job.  I couldn't care less about abandoned bags.) 

Woman in this Photo
     "There's no reason to ever leave San Francisco." (in a half-whisper on a BART platform) 

Woman on the Left in This Video
     "Your whole life is an experiment." 

Darby Zoccali
     "You're fair game."  

Joey Zoccali
     "Silly Christians."
     Joey: "Walk over to the wall.  Touch the wall.  Turn around.  Walk over to the other wall.  Touch the wall.  Turn around.  Walk over to the wall.  Touch the wall... How do you feel?"  Me: "Okay."  More of the same for fifteen or twenty minutes, then: Joey: "How do feel?"  Me, upset: "I'm sick of touching the wall."  (About 1980)
     "Communications?  What are you gonna do with that?"
     Me: "I'm transferring to Ohio State."  Joey, suppressing intense anger, infuriated: "Oh, yeah?!  Ready for the capital?!"
     "Quit school and move down here.  You can work with me."  (Weekly during the months leading up to my graduation from OSU.)
     "When you have a problem, the way to fix it is to think about it, think about it, think about it!  ('97/'98)
     When I told him Carrie and I'd got a computer, he replied with a comment indicating it was, because of what I'd just told him, important for him to visit.  During the visit, when he thought I wasn't looking, in a very sneaky fashion, he inserted a 3-1/4-inch disc into our computer, opened the run dialogue, typed something and clicked OK. ('99/'00)
     The family watched The Truman Show together in Niles on his suggestion.  ('01 - '03)
     " made it?"
     "..." (In response to being told that his mother had been molested by airport security.)
     "We're gonna play a game with you." Rick: "No, it's 'we're gonna play a joke on you.'"  Joe: We're gonna play a joke on you, ok?  Me: "Ok, Joe, whatever."  Rick: "Thaaaat's enough."  Joe: "Ooo.  This is gonna be so much fun."
     "I'll buy you a computer if you need one."  Me: "No, thanks.  I'll get one later."  Joey: "No, I insist.  I'll FedEx it up to ya." (2004)
     Lied to get my social security number; said it had something to do with dad's will.
     Once hypnotized me.  Ann was there.
     "You know, I've always thought cops and people in the military are all rednecks."
     "'re a decent writer.  You don't want to do that [as a career]."
     "These knives are very sharp."
      Half-whispered the lyrics of Every Breath You Take by the Police as we parted at the Tampa Airport after he'd inserted GPS tracking devices in my foot and my sinuses.
     "Something's wrong and you just don't know what it is."  (maniacal half-whisper)
     "Eventually, he'll forget how to do it."  (socialize)
     "When he's about forty, he'll figure it out and kill himself."
     "You're a slave and you always will be."
     Singing: "Feelings...nothing more than feelings..."
     Me: "It's a great movie, but there's no reason you should die in real life if you die in the Matrix."  Joey:  "Yes, you would."  Me: "No, you wouldn't.  It doesn't fit the metaphor."  Joey: "Yes, you would."  Me: "No, you wouldn't."  Joey: "Yes, you would.  I'll show you."
     "Bye, bye, dude...It's done."
     "You're gonna need it."
     "He's paralyzed." (by double-binds, etc.)
     "You're a pariah."  (maniacal half-whisper)
     "Denial is a powerful emotion." (He was a big fan of American Beauty.)
     "Some people just aren't very good at life."
     "Iiiiit's happenin'."
     "Enjoy...I am." 

Joseph M. Zoccali
     "I wouldn't worry about it, John.  Tell your brother."  (In response to being told that his wife had been molested by airport security.) 

Nancy Zoccali
     "He's a miser."  (circa 1979) (Damn right.)
     "People are going to be jealous of you." (1984) 

Zynga Co-Founder, Friend of Sasha Goldenson
     "How much do you want to stop doing what you're doing?"  (Shortly after this video.")

Pick A Card, Any Card

Hammer Claw to Head Threat w/ Jesse Mills
I met Nate at a Eurchre Group

Met at a job-networking group

The Ladies  
These are the women who have entered my life surreptitiously.
Some of the names may be fake...
      Joanna Zito
  1. Carla Courtney
      Julie Gregory
  2. Kentucky girl from Mellencamp concert in Columbus, 1992.  
  3. Henne Petros (Not sure about this, but she fits the profile: random meeting, aggressive, mother's a hard-core feminist)
  4. Cynthia Green
  5. That FBI or CIA chick who came into the Bear Bar and told me a bunch of lies about her and her mother running a chartered boat service and Jimmy Page and Robert Plant being clients.  She lived right across Broadway from the bar, on 76th between Broadway and West End on the north side of the street.  Nice place.  She liked to say she dressed, "sexy conservative."  Ok, honey--whatever you say.
  6. Michelle Marlowe
  7. Carrie Plank
  8. Sioux Logan
  9. CJ, friend of Mike Tricario
10. NY Soap Opera Actress
11. Tall Amy, Mazzy Star fan from Columbus, January, '03; Also lived in NY; Met at Skully's
12. Kathy Haxton, New Brunswick, Ohio; giant redhead (intro and concerned, continual encouragement by Marty Eggert)
13. Some extremely skinny girl from Cleveland (intro and concerned, continual encouragement by Marty Eggert)
14. Christine Faranda (Not positive about this, but she did have a profile baiting tall guys and then everything else happened and I know for a fact that she was connected to Joey.)
15. Michelle Dunn Svenson Stergar, Cleveland (intro and concerned, continual encouragement by Marty Eggert)
16. Beth Kujawski
17. That Spanish girl the CIA sent at me my first few months in SF.  I was staying at the Sutter/Larkin and without asking, she just started moving stuff in and showing up, and getting to my door, unannounced.  I finally told her to forget it and had to push her out the door and shut it in her face.
18. Alison Victor
19. The tall photographer who flipped out because I put her name and photo in the widely read EDD EU Newsletter.
20. Henrietta Larson
21. Fillmore Furniture Shop Girl.  Forget her name.  Bailed before date because of strange questions.
22. Kayla Marriot.  Everything you guys put me through and I was still able to Jedi mind-trick her into giving me her name.
23. Woman from Carlsbad posing as my cousin, Lynn Kashay
24. Brooke Cooley, AKA, The Soup Slut
25. Jill Gustafson, with all her photos of typewriters and small-town basketball hoops and muscle cars.  I wonder whether she coos to all her customers like that.



  1. Get well soon, John.

    1. I have a MOUNTAIN of proof of my claims, Kathleen. I admire that you keep trying, though.