Thursday, January 8, 2015

Anti-Christian/Anti-Catholic, Anti-American, Socialist Brainwashing

I recently learned that I have been the subject of covert anti-Christian, anti-American, socialist brainwashing.  I wasn’t supposed to figure out that it ever happened.  I did and those behind it are trying to destroy me, mainly by portraying me as insane.  I am perfectly sane.  They rely on the assumption that no one will believe me.  I’m sure I’m not the only victim of this brainwashing which is rooted in loneliness studies. 

A nationwide network of operatives track the movements of individual targets, follow them, and covertly expose them to caustic, insulting, adversarial verbal input with the intention of inducing an aversion to taking part in social activities and ultimately making the person a complete loner.  Simultaneously, they subtly expose them to anti-Christian, anti-American, and socialist rhetoric.  Once the subject is completely isolated from having any friends, loved ones, or confidants, this rhetoric becomes overt and intimidating.  I reached that point in late 2008.  Since then, I’ve looked back and realized that I’ve been the subject of covert brainwashing methods for at least twenty years.  Completely isolating the target also insures that they have no witnesses to this activity.

May, 2013
I had no idea of the reason for the overt harassment I’ve experienced in recent years until, in the winter of 2014, I read an article in The New Republic magazine titled, “The Lethality of Loneliness.”    The May, 2013 article features the work of leading loneliness researcher, John T. Cacioppo.  While attending the University of Toledo in 1991, I took part in a one-day psychology experiment that paid fifty dollars.  I had no idea what the experiment was for.  I just did it for the money.  I was shocked to find the experiment, now called “Cyberball,” described in The New Republic article.  It’s now done on a computer, but...(click on "read more")