Thursday, January 8, 2015

Anti-Christian/Anti-Catholic, Anti-American, Socialist Brainwashing

I recently learned that I have been the subject of covert anti-Christian, anti-American, socialist brainwashing.  I wasn’t supposed to figure out that it ever happened.  I did and those behind it are trying to destroy me, mainly by portraying me as insane.  I am perfectly sane.  They rely on the assumption that no one will believe me.  I’m sure I’m not the only victim of this brainwashing which is rooted in loneliness studies. 

A nationwide network of operatives track the movements of individual targets, follow them, and covertly expose them to caustic, insulting, adversarial verbal input with the intention of inducing an aversion to taking part in social activities and ultimately making the person a complete loner.  Simultaneously, they subtly expose them to anti-Christian, anti-American, and socialist rhetoric.  Once the subject is completely isolated from having any friends, loved ones, or confidants, this rhetoric becomes overt and intimidating.  I reached that point in late 2008.  Since then, I’ve looked back and realized that I’ve been the subject of covert brainwashing methods for at least twenty years.  Completely isolating the target also insures that they have no witnesses to this activity.

May, 2013
I had no idea of the reason for the overt harassment I’ve experienced in recent years until, in the winter of 2014, I read an article in The New Republic magazine titled, “The Lethality of Loneliness.”    The May, 2013 article features the work of leading loneliness researcher, John T. Cacioppo.  While attending the University of Toledo in 1991, I took part in a one-day psychology experiment that paid fifty dollars.  I had no idea what the experiment was for.  I just did it for the money.  I was shocked to find the experiment, now called “Cyberball,” described in The New Republic article.  It’s now done on a computer, but...(click on "read more")
we did it in person that day.  As I was leaving, the experimenter said, “Have a nice life,” a brazenly delivered, facetious allusion to the fact that Cyberball is used to identify subjects for ongoing covert loneliness/brainwashing “experimentation.”

John T. Cacioppo
Even after reading the article, I still couldn’t believe the implications.  Then I read Cacioppo’s book, “Loneliness,” and figured out what had been going on.  In Loneliness, Cacioppo writes that just feeling lonely impairs a person’s executive brain function, diminishes their impulse control, and makes them particularly vulnerable to influence and persuasion, a perfect combination to set some one up for brainwashing and mind-control.  Cacioppo’s book also contains a number of instances of veiled socialist rhetoric.

Another prominent loneliness researcher is, in fact, associated with The University of Toledo.  His name is Kip Williams.  After two quarters at Toledo, I transferred to The Ohio State University.  John T. Cacciopo got his PhD. at Ohio State in 1977 and was on staff there throughout the 1990s.  My earliest memories of covert brainwashing encounters took place while I was a student at OSU from 1992 to 1996.  Cyberball software is available on Williams's website.

Some of those involved are psychologists.  Some are social workers.  Many are radical feminists.  I’ve had separate encounters with women in San Francisco who made similar taunting comments referring to my situation.  One of them said, “You’re an experiment,” the other, “Your whole life is an experiment.”  Furthermore, I was adopted as an infant.  A woman named Kathleen Kashay contacted me in 2003, claiming to be my birth-mother, which she is not.  I believed her because of the physical resemblance.  She is likely an aunt or cousin.  She is an atheist, socialist radical feminist, vocal and adamant in her disdain for Christianity.  I suspect she was incarcerated in the 1970s, likely as a result of participation in radical anti-American and/or anti-Christian criminal activity.

Also, my brother, Joseph C. Zoccali is a Scientologist who, like Ms. Kashay, is vehement in his opposition to Christianity, often using the phrase, “silly Christians.”  When I was about ten years old, he attempted to bring me into Scientology by what I can only term as a more direct brainwashing method than those described above.  He brought me into a small, empty room and instructed me to walk back and forth, touching the walls on opposite sides, occasionally asking me how I felt.  Eventually I got upset and told him I didn’t want to touch the wall any more.  He has caused me other problems and I am forced to conclude that he also plays a central role in this brainwashing.  I was warned that he'd had me declared Fair Game and was out to destroy me.  His Clearwater girlfriend, Lisa Hall said to me, after ensuring he was out of earshot, "He's trying to kill you."

I am seeking representation by a Christian attorney.  Those behind this have buried me in a compost heap of serious allegations, character defamation, and conflicting misinformation.  Apparently, I've been framed for some of the worst crimes a person can be accused of.  I have no privacy whatsoever.  Many of my phone calls and e-mails get intercepted, but you can attempt to reach me at  My address is 41 Jones St., San Francisco, CA  94102.  If you would like to distribute my flyer, it is available in pdf. form here:

Pop Culture, Mass Media, Etc. 
Targeting specific individuals isn’t the only way they do it.  They also use imagery in pop culture and mass media to induce feelings of loneliness and depression.  An excellent example is the cover art on three albums by the rock group, Soundgarden: Badmotorfinger, Superunknown, and Down on the Upside, the first containing explicit anti-Christian lyrics and the latter two having distinctly depressing music. 

Bill Dogget
A common image used to induce loneliness is a “gloomy forest.”  While I was being stalked and harassed in San Francisco, I had a brief verbal exchange with a gentleman who I knew was following me around.  It was the last time I saw him.  His name is Bill Doggett.  He actually gave me his business card.  The background image on it a starkly adjusted photograph of the view from the driver’s seat of a car heading toward a sparse forest under an overcast sky.  I knew it was odd and decidedly gloomy, though I hadn't yet used that word for it.  Why would anyone put such an image on their business card, I wondered.  I found the answer a few years later when I read Cacioppo’s book, “Loneliness.”  The author discusses experiments done to gauge participants’ reactions to different kinds of photo images, specifically siting “gloomy forest” and “sad clown,” another image I’ve seen in places where it didn’t fit.  (The internet is used to expose the target to these images.)  Then, just a few
months ago, I took another look at the cover art on Superunknown which includes a sparse, dead-looking forest under a very gloomy sky upside-down below a blurry image of what looks like the head of a demon screaming.  I’ve seen images of gloomy forests elsewhere.

I’ve also linked my experience to motion pictures, particularly Event Horizon, written by Andrew Kevin Walker, who I’ve ascertained is very near the center of all this.  Walker is predominantly associated with films with psychologically twisted or disturbing themes such as 8mm and others.  Event Horizon contains quick clips of disturbingly gory
images.  It also contains a cut-away shot of what looks like light coming through the working part of some sort of grinder or grater.  The cover image on Badmotorfinger, done by Mark Dancey, is very much in line with this grinder imagery.  It’s described on Wikipedia as a “jagged, cyclone-like design.”  Dancey’s surreal artwork, which can be seen on his website, has a stark and depressing quality like none other I’ve ever seen.
Andrew Kevin Walker

During my time in San Francisco, I enrolled in a TEFL course, which was filled with radical feminists who were there to get access to me, one being Barbara Ann Clerici, the woman who said, “You’re an experiment.”  Another was Miyoko Abe.  I Googled Miyoko and found a short film called, “Trigger,” a student project done at San Francisco State University.  Miyoko was featured alone in the film.  It was about her spending a day alone at home with nothing to do.  The only script was her thoughts.  The general feel of the film was very lonely and melancholy.  The film includes a shot of Miyoko in silhouette with diffused daylight behind her.  I posted about the film on my blog and when I went to view it again, it had been changed to
Down on the Upside
something completely different under the same name--I think it was a western.  Later, when I discovered Andrew Kevin Walker, I found that he had an eerie-looking silhouette image of himself on his Twitter page.  It wasn’t until recently that I realized how similar Walker’s Twitter photo is to the cover image on Down on the Upside.  Like the gloomy forest, these dreary silhouettes are intended to induce feelings of loneliness.

Soundgarden’s music contains both anti-Christian and anti-American themes, some more direct that others.  Badmotorfinger includes a song called, “Holy Water, the chorus being, “Holy water is rusting me.”  The album also contains a song called “Jesus Christ Pose.”  The music on that album isn’t so much in line with the ultra-depressing musical genre known as “shoe-gaze,” but the following two albums take distinct turn in that direction.  I haven’t done a complete analysis of Soundgarden’s lyrics and music, but I’ll just mention that their most depressing sounding song is called, “4th of July.”  Again, I haven't taken a close look at the lyrics, but the music is intended to make the listener associate negative feelings with our national holiday.

The socialist aspect of this brainwashing is an attack on anyone deemed as being unduly privileged or having any sort of “unfair” advantage.  I’ve had to guess that part of the reason I’m being targeted is my height, a traditionally desirable trait.  It’s also an attack on ambition.  More directly, though, the brainwashing targets powerful or wealthy individuals and families.  In short, these people are vehemently anti-establishment, in addition to being anti-American and anti-Christian, as is evident in much of Soundgarden’s art.  Tucked away neatly in the middle of Superunknown, released in 1994, a few years before Diana, Princess of Wales was killed when her limousine crashed while being chased by paparazzi, you will find a song called “Limo Wreck.”  The word, “wreck” is used in the song repeatedly, but I don’t hear anything about a “limo.”  There’s also a line in the song about “harvesting the souls.”

All of those things are not a coincidence and neither is the following:
WMP Visualizations
Windows Media Player includes artistic moving graphic images that coincide with the song playing.  They’re called “visualizations” and there is a list of them with different themes and names.  I made a brief video about them which is at the bottom of this post.  I had guessed long ago, before I started figuring any of this out, that the visualizations in Windows Media Player are intended to have a hypnotic effect, some more than others.  Nearly all of them turn slowly in a circular motion.  I noticed something similar on the boot-up screen on an LG TV, though that was just a plain pink circle in the center of the screen.  I don’t know much about hypnotism, but I am convinced that such slowly turning images, like that tiny little circle turning at the top of your internet browser while you’re waiting for a site to open, are intended to hypnotize to a degree.  Among the list of visualizations in WMP is one called “Event Horizon,” the same name as the Andrew Kevin Walker film with the gory clips and quick grinder cut-away shots.  There’s another called, “Cominatcha.”  According to Wikipedia, another title Soundgarden considered for Down on the Upside was “Comin At Ya.”

The most prominent early rock group that both had music and lyrics with satanic themes and had music that tilted toward the depressing side was, of course, Black Sabbath.  ‘80s acts like Motley Crue, AC/DC, and Ronny James Dio, and others with satanic themes, however, weren’t nearly as threatening as Sabbath may have been or as Soundgarden apparently intends to be.  Their music and imagery had a pop quality too it, the music often being cathartic, not depressing.  Nevertheless, Satan benefited from those bands by way of brand recognition.  If nothing else, they were promoting his name, which any ad exec will tell you is more than half the battle.  One might guess that Soundgarden is following up with a different approach.

The only remotely satanic visual image I know of in Soundgarden is that blurry demon-head on the cover of Superunknown.  I have no choice but to conclude that their music and artwork actually aims to do Satan’s work on Earth clandestinely, sowing sadness and anger with lonely, discomforting imagery and slow, depressing music tied to artfully disguised, hyper-cynical, anti-everything lyrics.

The underlying goal of all of this is not to overtly promote Satan or turn people into devil-worshipers, but rather to make people miserable and angry while very gradually eroding Christianity.  The rhetoric used in direct brainwashing of individuals includes subtle attacks on the fundamental tenets of the Church including the Sacraments, the Bible, the very concept of priesthood and the Church hierarchy, and, of course, morality, and it's all done with smile.  Some might refer to it as "killing them softly."  (And I'm rather sure some do.)  At the same time, victims of this brainwashing are duped into thinking all their “problems” are caused by Christianity, The U.S., and capitalism, when in fact they could have been leading happy, productive lives had they not unknowingly fallen prey to the effects of these hidden landmines or been individually targeted as I have.

Gloomy Forest?
It’s important to note that if you have healthy relationships, a job that keeps you busy, a relatively happy family, and a good moral disposition, you would likely never notice these things let alone be affected by them.  The mass media aspect of the brainwashing snares those who are already vulnerable because of loneliness or other personal troubles.  Also, I suspect that exposure to one or two elements won’t bring a person down.  If you own one Soundgarden album and see one image of a Corvette heading into a forest under an overcast sky in Car & Driver magazine, it might not affect you.  It has to be repetitive and varied, like a battery, maybe.  (The title of the submenu for the hypnotic WMP visualizations happens to be “Battery,” by the way.)  It’s like in the first Batman film with Michael Keaton: the Joker’s plan, which is not dissimilar to what I’m suggesting here, only worked if people used a number of the lethal products in combination.  No one product would do it alone.  As I recall, the unwitting victims died very slowly, sick and miserable along the way until they finally dropped dead with a clownish grin just like Joker’s frozen on their face.  (I should write about Insane Clown Possie here, but I don’t know much about them and I wanted to post this.)

Brainwashing By Design
Inside Asgard in Thor
In case you haven’t figured it out, the mass-media aspect of this highly organized attempt to undermine Christianity and the U.S. is being conducted mainly through artistic visual design and photography as opposed to the verbal messages being delivered.  Graphic design choices in magazines, movie and television sets and props, outdoor signage, and fashion are, like Soundgarden’s artwork, all part of an invisible stream of abstract, mind-bending visual and aural input.  I recently saw part of the movie, Thor.   Some of its set-design motifs were noticeably similar to those in Event Horizon.  It's all part of an increasingly
Event Horizon Jaggedy Set
common "grinder-ish cyclone or vortex" motif.  It has a subliminal effect, particularly on individual targets.  It’s meant to be cold and harsh and discomforting.  It's not meant to scare you the way horror movies did years ago.  It's just meant to make you feel terrible.  A set in Thor was made up of different-sized circular motifs that are reminiscent of a jet-engine turbine, which also isn’t unlike the Badmotorfinger artwork.  Event Horizon also includes a set that would be described quite accurately as a "jagged, cyclone-like design."  It was my brother, Joseph C. Zoccali, Christian-hating Scientologist, who first suggested I watch Event Horizon and left me to do so alone late at night.  Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard has a close association with the Occult through pioneering rocket scientist, Jack Parsons:

Event Horizon "Jagged, Cyclone-like Design?"


Photographers play an important role in this as well, as is evident in the Superunknown and Upside cover art, done by Kevin Westenberg.  It’s also evident in the image on Bill Doggett’s business card.  The imagery is meant to be very stark and eerie.  Dogget’s card is an extreme example; I doubt that he gives it to everyone.  The unnecessarily bleak picture on the cover of Mike Freeman’s book, Undefeated is the best example I’ve seen of such an image aimed at the public.  Freeman’s book is more about politics, race, and bombs in Miami than it is about the 1972 Dolphins.  The copy I checked out at the San Francisco Public Library had the gray, gloomy cover photo.  When I looked on line for the images, I found one with color as well.  I'm guessing the gray one came first.  I wonder why they changed it.  To obtain this effect, photographers mainly adjust the color saturation and contrast of the image—it’s not that difficult.   Less obvious examples are
Less gloomy?
evident in the current filmmaking trend of near colorlessness, 300 being the first example of it I noticed.  It all adds up to a pervasive gloominess that the new generation won’t think anything of while making the old generation think, “Hmm…what’s wrong with this picture?”, knowing something isn’t right in the movie their watching, but unable to identify or explain what it is.

Many of the fashion design choices I refer to aren’t necessarily intended to induce loneliness and spread discord.  I think that’s mainly going on in film and photography.  A coinciding goal of the designers manipulating fashion and other design trends is to promote a certain political position or lifestyle, to push their subculture’s styles into the mainstream.  That might not sound so

sinister, unless you don’t like the idea of the displacement of traditional American culture, which is exactly what they’re going for.  These design choices are very subtle, so I won’t show examples here; unless you’ve experienced what I have, you wouldn’t be able to see it.  

More easily illustrated is the fact that other choices made by these graphic designers working in concert are simply meant to be a winking nod to each other right out in public.  I’ll mention two examples I’ve noticed: First, the Mega Crossword scratch-off lottery ad shown here.  A major part of the mind-control I’ve been subject to is to constantly keep me in a bad mood.  It makes it nearly impossible to function, which is their goal.  Across the top of the crossword puzzle, you will find, made of two separate crossword answers, the phrase, “strong mood.”  I thought, perhaps, the word, “node,” appearing two lines below "mood" might also somehow be significant, but I haven’t figured out how so.  Maybe, I’m just being paranoid.  Nevertheless, I’ve also had experiences indicating that my situation, the experiment that is my life, is partly a bio-engineering, genetic experiment, which, I suspect, may have
Crossword Hints?
something to do with the presence of the word, “vial,”  spelled out going across in single letters of down answers.  Near the bottom right, I see the down answer, “illus,” but it looks like whoever made the ad decided to cut it off after the s.  There are two more letters.  What do you think?  “Illused?”  This one’s the biggest stretch of them all—in fact, I doubt it—but as it stands, it can be read as “Ill U.S.”  

The last one's really farfetched, right?  I know.  Remember, I’m guessing that this example is nothing but a group of winking nods from a graphic designer representing the state of California to other designers who know exactly what’s going on and might happen to see it per chance.  I haven’t seen it much lately, but during my first few years in San Francisco, I regularly saw people, mainly gay white men, walking around wearing Yasar Arafat scarves.  I thought, when I first posted this lottery ad, that I wouldn’t have to explain it, thinking the following would be obvious to certain folks and someone would say, “Wow, John, you might be on to something.”  I thought wrong, so…  Way over on the far right, partially obscured in shadow and again, made of three single letters from answers running in the other direction, you will find “U A E.”  I’ll repeat this one more time: the brainwashing I’ve been subject to is, in large part, anti-American.  U.A.E. stands for United Arab Emirates. 

Secondly, the zipper handle on the sweater being worn by the woman in this video has “USA” written on it vertically, which is great except for one thing: the “USA” is upside-down.  I know what you’re thinking: it was mistakenly made that way at the factory and she bought it at a discount.  I’m sure she got it cheap, but I highly doubt that it was a mistake.  Does a zipper handle hang in any direction other than down?  I just don’t see that factory mistake happening.  No, paranoid John says that zipper handle is a symbol of what they want to do: turn the U.S. upside-down.  

"Duty Now for the Future" ??
There's a not-so-short list of artists associated in one way or another with this brainwashing, including the Akron, Ohio band, Devo.  Devo founder, Mark Mothersbaugh and Andrew Kevin Walker both contributed to a certain episode of the short-lived HBO series, Perversions of Science.  I also noticed that the international issue of Devo's album, Duty Now for the Future has for its cover art a silhouette image of an atom, a laboratory beaker, and an adult male who maybe looks a little confused.  What's the title mean?  I also found myself wondering whether they used those head-pieces based on John F. Kennedy’s hair to mock him or to pay tribute to him.  You never know--despite some of the great things JFK did, I wouldn't put it past guys like Mothersbaugh and Walker to find a way to hate him.  Socialists can't stand anyone who's ambitious and successful.  There are far too many others on the list to mention them all here, so I’ll add only one more: Alex Collett, whose K and A Films website has the tagline, “The visual revolution has begun.” 

The short film made at San Francisco State University featuring Miyoko Abe is called “Trigger” for a reason.  The brainwashing I’ve been subject to is intended to make the subject not only lonely and depressed, but angry and frustrated by way of stalking and harassment by a network of operatives.  It's nearly impossible to stop or combat in any way, which is why it's very frustrating.  Being isolated from friends and family is what enables it; in addition to being without the comfort of human interaction, the subject never has any witnesses to this activity.  On more than one occasion, a person stalking me made a direct, taunting comment referring to the fact that it is part of their intent to keep me frustrated.

On the Wikipedia page about the film, The Manchurian Candidate, the mental stimuli used to initiate an action by the Raymond, the brainwashed would-be assassin, are referred to as “triggers.”  Raymond’s trigger was the queen of diamonds playing card.  At some point during my first two years in San Francisco, I got a strange phone call from a woman who said something I couldn’t understand.  She repeated it, but it was still unclear.  In hindsight, I’ve concluded that it was intended as some sort of trigger.

How affectively the mass-media aspects of all this might work on someone who’s not a specific individual brainwashing target as I have been, I can’t say, but I am confident that one of the goals for me was that the compounding frustrating effects of the harassment and loneliness I was systematically forced into would eventually cause me to snap and either violently attack someone on the street or throw myself in front of a bus.  That’s why the Miyako Abe film made at San Francisco State University was called “Trigger.”

On numerous occasions over the past five years, usually at coffee shops, a male and female operative-pair would sit directly in my line of vision and kiss and warmly embrace each other in an exaggerated fashion, all while I was completely deprived of human interaction being kept frustrated.  I have proof of this.  I suspect that these actions were specifically intended, more-so than what I described above, to trigger me toward and act of violence.  The man in one of those couples wore a small gold cross on his black hat, which I guessed from the beginning was a deception.  Often, one or both of them would glance at me while they were doing it.

As mentioned above, loneliness undermines the executive control of your brain and makes you vulnerable to suggestion and impulse.  In addition to the obvious negative effects of feeling lonely, most of my life has been a set-up intended to make it so that I’m easily provoked followed up by covert attempts to provoke me to displays of anger and ultimately acts of violence, and other things impulsive.  Also, I have proof that the internet was being used to bait me into clicking on child pornography links.

I’ll repeat here that those behind all of this rely on portraying me as insane and the assumption that no one will believe me.  They’ve also gone out of their way to keep me confused.  I’ve come to the conclusion that all of this is happening for a reason and that the intended and expected outcome is my writing about my experiences and publishing them, as I have here, in the hopes that people who care will notice.  I see no other solution.  They are trying to bury me.  There are other aspects to the brainwashing, but I’ve covered the critically important ones.  The WMP Visualizations-Soundgarden-Andrew Kevin Walker-Bill Dogget-John Cacioppo connection makes it all rather clear to me.  The commonalities there are not a coincidence.  If Bill Doggett hadn’t given me his business card, I probably never would have figured it out.  I might add that on the day I first mentioned Doggett on my blog, I hadn't had contact with Kathleen Kashay in at least a year.  A few days later, she sent me an e-mail or posted a comment attacking my sanity.

Satan in the Background
I’ve had a number of encounters with individuals who are atheist and/or socialist, many occurring before I had any idea what was going on.  I’ll mention here the one such experience I suspect is the most telling of them all.  In 2008, I read Closing of the Western Mind, an attack on the history of Christianity by author, Charles Freeman.  In 2010, after moving to San Francisco, I joined a job-networking group called Experience Unlimited, facilitated by the Employment Development Department of California.  E.U. activities were always filled with operatives there to get access to me.  There was an Asian female doctor who peered at me as if I were a lab rat.  There were several radical feminists, including a member of an all-female AC/DC tribute band.  On one occasion, I mentioned reading Freeman’s book to the E.U. member who was working the reception desk that day.  She replied, with a taunting tone intended to imply she already knew both who I was and the answer to her question, "Oh, yeah?  What made you pick that one?" 

Satan will either enlist or support anyone who is against Christianity, often without their knowing it.  Other than a woman named Christine Faranda, who claimed to be succubus, I’ve never had a problem with anyone who openly claimed to have any sort of occult association.  I have, however, had numerous encounters with people who were interested in satanic-themed things or lead me to such things in ways that, looking back, don’t look like a coincidence.  Like the other brainwashing encounters, it was a thin stream that I wasn’t supposed to ever notice.  I’ve written about those experiences and people in this document on Google Drive, particularly Joseph C. Zoccali, one of the most influential people in my life: 

What do the following groups have in common: radical feminists, socialists, Scientologists, atheists, gays?  They’re all widely known for being opposed to Christianity, usually vehemently.  I hadn’t mentioned until now that many of those tracking me and following me over the past twenty years were gay.  I recall mentioning to friends on a number of occasions, before I had any idea that it was an organized effort, that “gay men have been harassing me throughout my adult life.”  In fact, the brainwashing I was subject to was also intended to turn me gay.  One of the first operatives I met who used mind-control tactics on me and made comments indicating knowledge of very private things about my life was a woman named Laura McCormick.  Ms. McCormick brought up "neuroplasticity" or "brain re-wiring" to me and gave me some photocopied information on it.  She claimed to be from Niles, my hometown where I was staying at the time, but I later found out that she's actually from the Pittsburgh area.   I recall noticing that Ms. McCormick's "husband" was strangely effeminate.  Ms. McCormick once commented to me cryptically, "I have friends all over the country."  Kathleen Kashay made it a point to very indignantly tell me of her friend who died of AIDS in Pittsburgh, which she was fond of referring to as "my town."  So, as is outlined in this essay, the group conducting the brainwashing I've experienced includes individuals from all of the political groups named above, usually in combination.  Their attack on Christianity is coordinated and orchestrated in large degree by Satan himself, lurking in the background unseen as his plans to make Earth a miserable place coalesce right under our noses.  They’re all playing right into his hands.  I suspect all is not lost, though.

I recently came into possession of a book called “The Great Controversy.”  It’s an examination of Bible scripture by Ellen G. White.  I wasn't surprised to find that White is Protestant as the book has a noticeable amount of anti-Catholic rhetoric, which made me put it down rather early.  Nevertheless, what I did read included an interesting study of theology.  White uses many direct quotes from the Bible.  Other parts of the narrative not quoted or directly attributed to the Bible read like a Bible passage.  Here’s one I found noteworthy:
God permits the wicked to prosper and to reveal their enmity against Him, that when they shall have filled up the measure of their iniquity, all may see His justice and mercy in their utter destruction.  The day of His vengeance hastens, when all who have transgressed His law and oppressed His people will meet the just recompense of their deeds; when every act of cruelty or injustice toward God’s faithful ones will be punished as though done to Christ himself.
Take it for what it’s worth. 

Lonesome The Dog and Spirals
I saved this information for the end of this essay out of concern that, if I’d included it at the beginning, the unbelievable coincidence of it and my experiences at The University of Toledo and The Ohio State University would have lead many to stop reading.  The following fact must have something to do with my being told that my “whole life is an experiment.”  When I was about five or six years old, I had a toy stuffed animal.  It was a sad-looking dog and its name was “Lonesome.” 

Recently, Jennifer Baugh, President and Founder of Young Catholic Professionals was the featured guest on the EWTN show, “Life on the Rock.”  Said, Ms. Baugh:
A second thing we struggle with is that sense of isolation…I did some research and in my generation, loneliness is at skyrocketing levels…Apparently, the CIA was doing some research on the biggest issue facing the world in the next twenty years or so, and I don’t know all the details of the study, but, the speaker asked the audience, “What do you think the biggest issue is, debt, poverty?", all these other questions, and, according to the CIA, it’s loneliness.  That’s going to be the biggest issue facing our world. 
I’ve written on a number of occasions that my brother, Joseph C. Zoccali, a Christian-hating Scientologist who plays a central role in this situation, is working with the CIA.  John Cacioppo’s “Loneliness” co-author is William Patrick, who authored a book about the CIA.  Patrick’s first novel, “Spirals,” published in1984, is about genetic engineering, behavior modification, and cloning.  It has been suggested to me that I have a clone.  The lead female character in "Spirals" is an angry feminist named Kathleen.  The title of Part 2 of the story is “Kathleen 1976.”  The final page of the book contains a description of a forthcoming clone that sounds a lot like me:
Yes, it would be a boy.  She knew that too.  A baby boy who would grow tall and lean, who would have penetrating green eyes and brown hair growing in an unruly curl behind his ears.   
My hair is curly when it's long.  A number of individuals involved have made strange, cryptic comments to me.  When Kathleen and I first met, I told her I became curious about my birth parents and started seeking them out when I was 29.  She replied melodramatically, “Yeah—that’s about when they usually come back.”  

Scientology in Columbus, Ohio
During the 1970s, under what they called Operation Snow White, Scientology infiltrated and/or broke into numerous U.S. Government offices and stole classified files among other things.  The primary target was the IRS, an agency that pays particular attention to wealthy individuals. 

I was adopted as an infant.  Women who are either political insiders or federal intelligence operatives have been surreptitiously entering my life with the goal of marriage for the past 25 years.  One of them is the daughter of a Long Island Protestant minister who made veiled threatening comments to me about having friends in the CIA in addition to brazenly alluding, in my presence, to some sort of significant inheritance meant for me.  At first, I refused to believe it, but it's been indicated to me that all of this is happening because of a significantly large inheritance or trust fund meant for me by of way of my birth-parents.  

Former Scientologist, Janis Gillham Grady is the daughter of Yvonne Gillham who was one of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard's original "messengers," a group of mostly teenage girls the Scientology founder used as messengers, gophers, personal servants, etc.  These messengers would be privy to the most significant information and communication at the top levels of Scientology.

Janis Grady's husband, Paul Grady was a Scientologist in Columbus, Ohio in the early 1980s.  My brother, Joseph C. Zoccali joined Scientology around 1980 while living in Columbus.  I doubt it's a coincidence. 

"Chase down Mr. Hinky Dink, so no trace can be found."


  1. So was up what's the plan what's there to do? I seen you in downtown I was at a red light waved my hand thru the sun roof don't know if u remember but anyway was good what's there to do?

  2. Socialist brainwashing?!? lol Socialism is anti-religious you mong, including Scientology. Your blind American hatred for the left has severely reduced any sympathy i had for you.

    1. Socialism is not anti-religious. Where did you get that idea? Socialism doesn't give a cent about religion.

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