Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"John's Watchful Comedian" / "John's Consecutive Essays"

This is a diary of strange experiences and revelations about my past I've had in recent years related to the fact that I've been the subject of real, covert anti-Christian, anti-American, socialist brainwashing.  I created this diary because I've filed reports about my situation with all levels of authorities and have been ignored.  Those behind the brainwashing are trying to bury me.  Apparently, I've been framed for some of the worst things a person can be accused of.  It is also their goal to portray me as insane.  I created this diary in the hopes of clearing that up and providing proof of my claims, much of which I have.  If you haven't been following along, this will be incoherent to you as it's not in any particular order.  I just make an entry when something regarding my 25 years of covert targeting occurs to me.  The same goes for Diary II, which is a continuation of this post.  Instead, for a good summary, read my About Me page.  For more, see my blog post, Anti-Christian, Anti-American, Socialist Brainwashing. However, you may be in interested knowing about...

This Post's Title

John's Watchful Comedian
The title of this post is a reference to the best example I have of how the internet is being used against me as a mind-control device and to harass and torment me.  Amazon.com has something called an Express Checkout Payphrase.  Before you choose one for yourself, the field contains a generic sample.  One might expect it to be a year or a city or your dog's name, etc.  I've seen two that aren't so generic, one being a reference to the fact that I have no privacy whatsoever, the other apparently being a reference to some of my earliest blog posts, both shown here.  (It was shortly after I started my blog that I started experiencing overt harassment including veiled death threats.) 
John's Consecutive Essays

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