Saturday, May 3, 2008

58 Million Gallons. Bwwahahahaha.

J. Paul Zoccali

          As gasoline prices reach record highs, if there's one film that's more important for all Americans to see than An Inconvenient Truth, it's Who Killed the Electric Car?   Appropriately, in the final third of the film when they really start pointing fingers, it gets a little confusing. That's because the number of different forces involved is a little mind-boggling. Props to Chris Paine for spelling out the situation, seemingly as simply as possible, not leaving a stone unturned, and allowing the viewer to come to his/her own conclusion. This viewer's conclusion: Compared to Chevron's sledgehammer, all other entities involved where using a rubber mallet. I hate to "spoil" the film for anybody, but maybe this will get a few more people to watch.
          I thought the 2 major key points in the film were