Diary III

See Diary II for explanatory note.

Knock, Knock And Sleep On It
Within the past year, there have been six or eight instances when, while sleeping, I suddenly heard the sound of someone knocking with great force, very loudly and was woken up by it.  It’s usually several knocks, say, six or more, in rapid succession.  Yes, dreams seem real, but these were not dreams.  I could hear the knocking loud and clear during the first seconds of being awake as if I was in a room where it was happening.   The first few times, it very clearly was the sound of knocking on glass deadened by water, the same way it sounds when you knock on the side of a large glass aquarium.  At some point, the sound changed to that of hard knocking on wood, as if, perhaps, on a hardwood tabletop and it’s stayed that way since.

You know how when you’re having trouble sorting out an issue in your life, you might say, “Let me sleep on it?”  Every time this occurred, it was at an exact moment when I was approaching something important in the process of sorting out my situation or when I was recalling a critical event or encounter that I hadn’t yet recalled.  This knocking is done specifically with the intention of interrupting my train of thought while sleeping.

Some of these instances are accompanied by a comment.  I don’t remember them all, but, one that came after a knock on a night when I was sleeping particularly well, was “Hey!  You were falling awake.”  Last night, after the knock, someone said, “You aren’t going anywhere” or something to that effect, which is a comment I hear often by V2K.  The whole thing is a con that’s very difficult to get a grip on if you’ve got no one in your life who’s genuinely friendly on a regular basis, a few of which I now have.  And, of course, as you might expect, I don’t think there’s been a single occasion in which, once awake, I could remember what I’d been thinking when they knocked.

There is one instance of this that stands out, though.  Instead of a knocking sound, there was the sound of what I can only describe as a low-pitched electronic audio glitch that lasted two or three seconds and again, I couldn’t recall what I was thinking when it happened, but, like the others, it did interrupt something important.  And, of course, there was another similar instance that stands apart even more which I’ve already written about.  I was seated on a school bus, talking across the aisle to a woman with a greater-NY accent wearing a wig and a pink sport coat who asked me about an incident I’d written about and said “I’m gonna give you a hint.  That never happened.  It never happened.  Her and one of your tiger buddies…”  At that point, the video and audio of her faded out simultaneously as if someone turned a knob on an electronic viewing device.

The knocking isn’t the only think I’ve heard as if it was happening right next to me while I was partially asleep.  I’ve heard doors shutting a few times, dress shoes walking on a floor, something like a medical instrument or a pen, maybe, hitting a floor after being dropped.  Recently, there was the sound of a small stack of papers being neatened by holding it vertically and tapping it on a tabletop.  There have been others I don’t recall.

I know a guy who worked for Sonitrol.  His name is Tony.  He was a heavy smoker.  Big dude.  Former roommate, actually.  I mentioned him previously in this blog regarding a rather eventful night out at red and yellow "Papa Joe's" with our buddy, Sean Newman.  Tony was also really into comic books.  I mention it because at some point over the past couple of years, someone made the strange comment to me, "I can't see you.  I can only hear you."

Incidentally, I searched Google with the term, "Papa Joe's, Ohio State" and, while browsing the photo results, I found this: http://www.motherjones.com/blue-marble/2013/04/ohio-state-senator-review-stalinist-renewable-energy-standards

Money Pics n' Blog Hits
 I've written, ad nauseam, of how images on the internet are used to manipulate me in various ways.  They often pop up with precise timing after I post something through various sites, including and especially FB and Twitter.  I haven't been able to figure out what the intended purpose of certain ones are.  Money is one of those.  They love to throw pictures of large amounts of cash at me in response to some things, but I haven't been able to figure out exactly what the intention is or what kinds of posts prompt it.  Is it supposed to make me happy?  Satisfied?  What?  I assure you...it doesn't work.  The money picture shown here popped up immediately after I posted the following on FB:
It's interesting to look at sources and audience when I have a spike in blog hits. If my analytics are right, the current spike is in Russia, though previous spikes have been there as well. Portugal is new, though. Btw, I just want to mention that I get a positive sign/message from a friend almost every day now...usually related to AIM For Life...just a little FYI. Another current source of blog hits is an e-mail from someone with McDonald & Harden, a DC Lobbying firm. Hmmmm...I wonder why THAT is. Then again, it's not the first time I ran into one of those while exploring my situation. I also wonder why when I click on their link I get a white page that reads: "Website Disabled." Of course, maybe it really is disabled. Then again, not of that matters, I assure you. :-)) Does this link work for you?. ... http://www.mcdonaldharden.com/contact
A Recent E-Mail
I just happened to see an ad for you book, "Your Brain on Porn" at the top of the Catholic Register website.  I just wanted to let you know that I have proof of how the internet is used to bait a visitor into clicking on pornography websites, including child pornography sites.  Sometimes, it's even part of a larger covert psychological manipulation system which is based on, for lack of a better way to put it, hypnotizing the person so that they're very vulnerable to suggestion, "suggestion" meaning simply mentioning something either orally, or through print or images.  To achieve this suggestibility, the target must first be isolated from friends and loved ones.  Extreme loneliness facilitates it.  All someone would have to do is put the word, "porn" in front of such a target and that person, unless they'd figured the whole thing out, would be compelled uncontrollably to visit a pornography website.  Extreme loneliness undermines a person's self-control which you can read about in the book, "Loneliness" by John Cacciopo.  You might start, though, with the magazine article, "The Lethality of Loneliness," which features Cacioppo. 
So, believe it or not, for someone in that position who hadn't figured it out, seeing your ad might actually trigger them to watch porn.  The forces that do this use mal-ware, etc., and can actually make such "triggering suggestions," including your ad, appear on a person's computer at the exact time of their choosing.  The baiting also starts with Google-search image results that don't fit the search term or ads and related-story suggestions, all featuring very provocative photos of half-naked women.  It's all very real.  If you would like to know more about it, please let me know.  I have a video that explains (and proves) the methods quite clearly.  I might also add that this isolation system can be (and often is, though not always successfully) used to keep a person hooked on porn.
By the way, it's all connected to anti-Christian brainwashing which you can read about at my blog linked below. 

I hope this is helpful to you.  Please, contact me if you'd like to know more.

Here's that magazine article: Lethality of Loneliness: https://newrepublic.com/article/113176/science-loneliness-how-isolation-can-kill-you

Best Regards,
J.Paul Zoccali

Russia Spike Continues (1-12-16)
If my blog analytics are correct, half of today's hits are in Russia.  The total for the past week is nearing that mark as well. Diaries II and III are leading with with AIM For Life a close second, which is odd.

"You're adjusting"
I had some V2K last night that's worthy of note.  A female voice said, "You're adjusting" after I heard some shoes walk on a floor and a door close.

Memo to that Woman:  You will be adjusting as well...to the power of the one true God.  Brace yourself.

The Voice-inator
Until last night, it had been a while since I'd had Brave New World-style late-night "sleep learning" political indoctrination, which is the first type of V2K I had, starting about five years ago when I was living out of a van in San Francisco.  You have to really be asleep for it to happen, which is probably why it's happened less lately.  The way it works is this: I wake up partially and become aware of the script being read to me.  That might last for up to a minute or two, I think.  Within seconds after I wake up completely, it stops.  I can tell you why it works that way.

I may have mentioned that occasionally, while I'm falling asleep and thinking, I can hear another voice, sometimes a computerized voice, matching my words in real time, in nearly perfect sync.  The first time I noticed this was in 2014 or 2015 while living in the Boyd Hotel, "a behavior hotel."  At the Boyd, it was a normal-sounding male voice.  In Sacramento, it's been a computerized voice.  I've concluded that those doing this in Sacramento have an outdated version of the device that audiblizes my thoughts which are being monitored 24/7--must be a budget thing.  So, when I wake up only partially and haven't generated a thought, the sleep learning script continues.  Once I've woken up completely, they know it, if by no other means than through the thought audiblizer voicing my initial thoughts, and immediately turn off the sleep learning audio.  I jokingly refer to the device as "The Voice-inator"

When I do notice these political indoctrination sleep-learning sessions, I can usually only recall bits and pieces after I've woken up.  I make this entry because last night's is noteworthy.  The quote that first woke me up was "the myth of your god" (I use a lowercase g there because there is nothing mythical about my God.) and the last thing I heard was "...church for lawsuits."

Now, I've been compelled to guess, for lack of any concrete way to know who it is, that it must be the police who are doing it.  I've second-guessed that lately.

By the way, I can not wait  to meet the "woman" who said, very arrogantly, "We'll change 'im."



  1. Hi, John. Just trying to make sure you are still alive. Feb 16, 2017.

  2. Looking for you John. You disappeared one year ago. I am worried and heartbroken. Please let me know you are alive and ok. I fear a charismatic cult may have taken you.

    I love you, your mother, Kathleen