Thursday, September 4, 2008

Memo to John McCain: Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper

          If you think Sarah Palin isn’t up to the speech-making aspect of being a vice-presidential candidate, take heart. John McCain’s got her back. As the Alaska Governor confidently delivered her speech accepting McCain’s offer to join him on the Republican ticket for the upcoming presidential election, Senator McCain, standing to her right and slightly behind her, occasionally cast his proud, fatherly gaze in the direction of her notes. In fact, during the opening remarks he checked out those notes 3 times before Ms. Palin did once. This went on sporadically throughout the address, with McCain sometimes

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Alex Cried, "Wolf!"

Time/Date: 10:00am, July 30, 2008

Channel: MSNBC

Full Screen Text: BREAKING NEWS

Anchor-person, Alex Witt: We’ve got some breaking news for you! 

Me: Oh, no. Not another school shooting; or flood; or bridge collapse; or terrorist attack, or…

Text at Bottom of Screen: BREAKING NEWS
Video: Aerial shot of plane at JFK Airport terminal.

Alex Witt:
Passengers’ bags are not making it onto flights at JFK airport!

Me:  Huh? Breaking news? I missed the conclusion of Sanford and Son for this? How will I ever know whether or not Fred really had the big one?  Has Commissioner Gordon been notified?

          MSNBC Morning Anchor, Alex Witt tripped into the story with a tone of urgency nearing Minneapolis bridge collapse level – not quite Columbine level, but greater than,