Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quitters Inc.

I've never read a Stephen King novel, though it's always been in the back of my mind to do so.  A friend just happened to tell me about King's short story, Quitters Inc.  I haven't seen anybody with severed fingers around, but the plot line sounds very, very familiar.

Elements of A Valid Contract
The parties to the contract must be of legal age, sane, sober, of sound mind and
under no legal handicap or duress. Persons who might lack legal capacity are minors, people who are intoxicated or those adjudged incompetent.

I assure you, any contract for a "rehab" program such as that depicted in Quitters Inc. with my signature on it is positively invalid on the grounds stated above.

I never agreed to any such contract in a fully conscious, aware, and sober state and I therefore declare any such contract void.  Leave me alone.  You are not helping me.  I see that the goal is to bait and provoke me and thus perpetuate the manufactured "justification" for this ongling gross violation of my constitutional rights which includes tracking me with GPS and stalking me and unconscionable invasion of privacy.  I'll smoke and/or drink and do whatever else I want within the law where and when I please.  What you are doing is illegal and unconstitutional and I order you to stop.

I will not stop until I've obtained justice.


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