Saturday, September 29, 2012

Computer Network??

Today while I was working with folders in my computer, I accidentally clicked on the "Network" folder.  I seem to recall looking in it once or twice at some point in the distant past, but I don't recall seeing anything like this:

You know, I'm slightly computer-idiotic to say the least.  What does all of this mean?  Should I be concerned?  I didn't even know I was on a "network."  I know that two of the computers listed across the bottom are ones I see in my Windows Media Player "Other Library" choices.  Not sure how specific computers end up there.  Similar music tastes, maybe?  It's that big field of blue screen icons that interests me.   I Googled me up some info that indicates "Workgroup" is the default group name of your computer.  But, still--why these computers specifically?

"Well," I thought, "maybe it just means these people are on the same Wi-Fi network at the same time as me."  So, I picked out a few that had the most unique names and did a little research.  For "TENTHIRTYONE," I found an website based out of some small town in the middle of Illinois about a Halloween movie.  I'm pretty sure "TOMMYGUNN58" is a Coast Guard Officer stationed in Guam.  And "LADYMORRIGUE" is a devil-worshiping bi-sexual here in S.F.  So...apparently it has nothing to do with your current Wi-Fi system.  I'll add that when I see "WILSON," I do not think of the Volleyball in Castaway.

There just must be some significance to the computers listed in the set. 

More notes on my Network:

Carmel, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis in area code 317, is one of the fast growing and most affluent burbs in the country.  This year, it was selected by CNN Money as the best place to live in America.

I could take a less-than-wild guess about "K-PC," too.


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