Friday, August 10, 2012

Favicon Trouble in Blogger

You know, I've been so busy working on my new blog, Sports Greats Journalism Archive, that I've been neglecting C.B.S. a bit.  Of course, it's morphed into nothing but a log of strange computer and Internet "glitches" I experience anyway.  In my more paranoid-schizophrenic moments, I'm compelled to think it's all part of a DNS attack.  But why would anyone want to do that to li'l ol' me?

Well, I created a favicon for the future home of Sports Greats Journalism Archive, which you can visit here:  (Someone mentioned something to me about having the domain name.  Check.)  A favicon is that itty-bitty square with the site logo that appears in the browser tab and your bookmarks.  Here's the Sports Greats Journalism Archive favicon:

Cool, huh?  I like it because of the obscure rock music reference. (If only "2SG" was appropriate and would fit in that tiny little square.)  So, I thought, why not add the favicon to the current SGJA blog on blogger?

In this blogger interface page, you can see a long rectangle in the upper left corner of  the blue area labeled, "Favicon."  In the bottom right of that rectangle is the "edit" link:

Simple, right?  Well, I uploaded the image successfully, as you can see indicated in the image above, but like the many other the gadgets (WordPress calls them widgets.) I've attempted to add to the blog, the favicon does not appear.  I've refreshed the window several times.  The only gadgets that appear on my blog are default ones, I take it--blog archive and e-mail subscription--those tiny little vertical grey tabs on the right at SGJA.  It's really strange, especially considering that, as shown above, the image uploaded successfully.

In case you're wondering, "gadgets" are features such as the ones seen in the column on the right of this blog with links to other blogs, hit counter way down on the right, and my photo.  There are many others.  I've attempted to add several to Sports Greats Journalism Archive, but none appear.

Odd, no?

While we're at it, I guess I should mention this, too.  Below is an image of what you see when you first start a blog in blogger.  It's the generic look of the template before you make visual aesthetic decisions, etc:  

For whatever reason, I'd say maybe half the time I click on SGJA to open it, the version you see above is what opens.  I get the felling this really is just a glitch in blogger because the new blogger platform interface has many options and changes may take time to take effect.  Nevertheless, I can't help but wonder if that's what other people are seeing when they visit.  I've looked at the site on other computers and it usually appears correctly.  Maybe it's just my computer.


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