Saturday, November 5, 2011


Cut the crap, Morty!

The Perfect Italian Meatball?

I suppose this guy must be right since he's actually Italian and has that thick accent.  He says Ricotta is a must.  That's a new one on me, but I bow to his native-ness and it sounds like a winner anyway.  There's more than one way to skin a meatball, though.

A few alternatives:
  • Don't use breadcrumbs.  Use bread soaked in water for a few minutes and wrung out.  You don't actually wring it like you would a wet T-shirt.  Just kind of ball it up in both hands and squeeze it.  Be sure to remove the crust from the bread first.  Your meatballs will come out more moist this way. 
  • Fennel is key to Italian sausage, but it won't hurt your meatball either.  Toss some in.
  • Yes, there aren't many Italian recipes that don't call for garlic, but how many don't call for Basil?  Toss some in.
  • Early in the video,  I was worried he was going to stick them in the oven.  I was still surprised though when he cooked them on the stove-top in sauce.  Very interesting.  Stay on the stove-top, but I say live a little and fry 'em in oil.  They get a nice, crispy thin outer layer that way and they're nice and juicy.  They're great that way even without sauce.   Cover them in sauce before serving, of course--if there are any left.
Bon Apitito


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