Friday, January 4, 2013

Berkeley-Law Bird Killers Accused of Stalking by San Francisco Man

Video Clip of July Encounter Portrays a Guilty Cuellar; SFPD Ignores Reports

Eric Cuellar (left), and Justin Teixeira
Last week, two University of California-Berkeley law students were officially charged in the October beheading of a rare bird at a Las Vegas resort.  Justin Teixeira and Eric Cuellar each posted $7,000 bail and now await trial.

Today, a San Francisco man reported to police there that Teixeira and Cuellar are part of a covert network of individuals who have been stalking and harassing him for the past 4-plus years.  John Zoccali says his harassment, which has included numerous death threats, started in Ohio and followed him to San Francisco.  Zoccali claims the members of this shadowy group track him with GPS and often...
arrive at his location 5 to 15 minutes after he does, as, he says, did Teixeira and Cuellar at a San Francisco Starbucks in July of last year.  According  to Zoccali, he rarely sees the same perpetrators more than once, so it's difficult to identify them.  However, he captured video of his encounter with his antagonists and recognized them the moment he saw their mugshots accompanying a Gothamist article on the Las Vegas incident.  Said Zoccali, "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw their pictures and read that they're Berkeley students.  They're the first I've been able to identify.  I knew the video clip would pay off."  He claims this influential group has pulled strings to undermine other aspects of his life and that he is on the verge of homelessness because of it all.  The wikipedia page on Teixeira and Cuellar's fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta, boasts a membership that includes no less than six U.S. Presidents.  (That's as many as Ohio.)

Apparently, these stalkers simply sit next to him in public and have loud, confusing conversations while making spastic physical gestures and body movements, all intended to inflict psychological torment.  Furthermore, Zoccali claims that, upon noticing that his phone camera was pointed their way, Cuellar used hand signals and other gestures in an attempt to signal his partner to discontinue the spastic show.  He provided C.B.S. with the clip and a breakdown of it he'd written before learning of his stalkers' identities.  Judge for yourself:

The guy on the right makes a slow-motion slashing gesture.
The guy on the right makes a second slow-motion slashing gesture.  The guy on the left has no idea I’d begun shooting video.   The guy on the right saw that I pointed my phone-camera at them and then made the slashing gestures in an attempt to signal his partner to stop the act.
0:06 – 0:07
This one’s very tough to catch.  It happens immediately after the second slashing gesture ends.  Again, to signal his partner to stop the act, he made 2 separate “no” motions with his head, moving it from side to side.  The first one is a single big sweep coming during the word, “entire.”  The second is much smaller, but actually makes 3 very quick passes and is accompanied by a nearly imperceptible glance of urgency.
Before I started the video, the guy on the left had been tapping his pen sporadically from the beginning of the act in little spurts of 5 or 6 hard taps.  At this point, immediately after the stop signals, he balks on a single tap.
Go back and watch the guy on the left’s body language.  Notice how it visibly calms at this point.  He sits straight up and takes a deep breath.
After the guy on the right says, “And then, yeah…,” he very clearly swallows as he looks up.

For some reason, there appears to be, all of the sudden, a problem with the embedded video.  Here is a direct link to it:

Cueller's comment about "keeping an even keel throughout the entire conversation" may also have been a secret signal to end the bizarre act.

Zoccali says several reports made to the San Francisco Police have gone ignored.

(I wrote this in third person for kicks.)



  1. I am the one they stalked. I wrote the post in 3rd-person to make it sound more professional and hopefully get more people to read and take it seriously. Please, spread it around.

  2. John Paul - You clearly have experience in surveillance. He appeared to have looked in the direction of the camera but did not see it. Good job keeping it camoed. But that's a small fish and not equal to a state and/or federal espionage charge, if you ask me. They appear to be discussing business matters of proprietary value. You may consider spending time investigating the troubling allegations that the "Sandy Hook Massacre" was staged (crisis manufactured). A tenured professor from a Florida university is now making noises. How neurotic is that? Be that as it may, if we arrive upon the truth there will be value to that endeavor, tantamount to public service. No?

  3. Thanks for the comment, Anonymous. Obviously, because I am now homeless because of what these people have done to me, my personal situation will remain my priority until it is completely rectified. I wish I had time to spend on Sandyhook, but I am not an investigator and I was not trying to keep my phone "camoed." I'm just a person being manipulated and treated very, very unjustly. Cuellar and Teixeira are critical fish in my pond which I'm about to electrify.

  4. Cool story, bro! It's always interesting to see the ramblings of a mad man. Good luck with your paranoid bullshit. If I were you I'd seek psychological help ASAP.

    1. First of all, thanks for commenting. Secondly, why do you do so anonymously?

    2. Okay, this is insane that I have found your website bc I am in Asia and about 7 years ago before I came over here, I started having stupid problems with my family. Anyway, same things have started happening to me, exactly like you for the past 4 years or more over here. It's unreal. I have been stalked, harassed, they have bribed people that I rent from to put some kind of video surveillance in my room and/or audio devices, they have stalked me on trains and buses, taking pictures of me, it's exactly mimicking a FBI Aggression Program. I have actually been told that these people have made over an inch thick folder on me of emails, recordings, pictures, you name it and it's the exact same thing as you. EXACTLY. They are trying to make me look crazy. The trouble started 7 years ago but got hot and heavy I'd say aboiut 4-5 years ago. They hacked into my emails, bought off what few friends I did have back in the US and yes, they drove me to homelessness and cyberstalk me. I even contacted the FBI several times and they won't do anything. As well, I was recorded over Skype for at least 2 years without knowing it until a guy at work started ranting and repeating things I'd said via Skype years before in another country and repeating verbatim what I'd said the night before in my room in China. Yeah, these people are like professional actors and they look for aggression buttons to push to make you angry. They have stolen EVERYTHING from me. I teach and they've actually used Instagram and other technology to screw with me, ex-cops, ex-military, taunt me and bully me. They get my students to screw with me. Oh yeah, and over here, I am in whatever jurisdiction that I live in and I travel from country to country. Some countries don't get it, others think it's b.s. and they will take the bribes (which I've been told are being given to locals to harass me) and then they won't give them information or tell me what to do and say.