Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Few Scenes From the San Francisco Jazz Fest

Here are some snippets from the 2011 San Francisco Jazz Fest.  If you care to check them out, you might want to turn the audio down first and then turn it up after starting each video, since it came out distorted through my cheap camera.

I hate to say it. SF, but
I'm a credit-where-credit-is-due kinda guy.  This was the best beat I heard all weekend (not that I'm an expert on beats) and, for that matter, in quite some time.   You hear it on the subways; you hear it on the street.  It's like sensory overload; infectious; nonstop.  The last 20 seconds is particularly tasty...

This is Groove 8 from North Carolina.  They did a kind of Funk/R&B jazz fusion.    I'll mention that I caught the bass player direct an exasperated half eye-roll at the sax player when he got carried away during their performance the next day.  Maybe he's Groove 8's equivalent of Sean Edan, a.k.a., "The Noodler" of Luna.  Seriously, though, he was awesome just like the rest of the band.  I believe they were the only outfit that played both days, which says something.  They were great...

This is Mingus Amungus.  Much of the excellent music you hear at the SF Jazz Fest is one or another kind of offshoot, related version of jazz.  These guys did the best pure jazz I heard at the festival before the singer joined.  Really smokin', stuff, including what may have been the best jazz bass solo I've ever heard, which I don't believe is in this clip.  Too bad for you...

And to close, here's another lovely piece of pure jazz on the heavenly side.  I didn't catch the perfomer's name.  Isn't she talented?


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