Saturday, November 27, 2010


Since I was sitting in a very comfortable chair, had nice copy of The Economist to leaf through between plays and an eclectic jazz mix played in the room, I remained in front of the TV after the Ohio State Buckeyes late in the third quarter exteneded their lead over the Michigan Wolverines to 30 points.  No longer able to stand the boredom
that has become too common a feature of the annual grudgematch, I abandoned the contest with about 10 minutes remaining.  Sure enough, the score at the time, 37-7, stuck.  Head Coach, Jim Tressel continues his dominance over U of M. with a 9-1 record and a 7-game win streak. 

Let's see...what was memorable other than the long run.  I'd have to say the play where Pryor was running forward and about to fall out of bounds on his left and flung one straight down the sideline to a receiver who caught it and just barely got a foot down as he fell out of bounds.  I think it was third and long. 

What else can you say?  Oh, yeah--the kickoff return was nifty, too.  I haven't heard Michigan Coach, Rick Rodriguez's status as of 1:45, but it's quite possible that an overall winning record just might keep him at Michigan despite all his team's losses this season being in conference.  Plus, someone in Ann Arbor is undoubtedly pointing to the fact that Woody Hayes had 2 or 3 uninspiring seasons before winning his first national title for the Buckeyes.

Oh, is it possible that during pre-game clip montages ABC does not inlcuded the play at Michigan from a few years ago in which Troy Smith scrambled to avoid a sure sack and fired one down the middle to one Anthony Gonzalez who made what was likely the best leaping circus catch in the history of the rivalry?  They never forget to insert that idiot from Michigan doing a Heisman pose though.  What was that, 15 years ago? 

I remember the 90s well.  Screw blue.  Keep spankin' 'em, J.T.


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